Learn How Regional New South Wales Is Getting Smart On Nutrition, Courtesy Of Nutrient Nation

Learn How Regional New South Wales Is Getting Smart On Nutrition, Courtesy Of Nutrient Nation

At Farm Door, we’re constantly improving and educating ourselves on sustainability. We try to work with the best farming families in the Riverina region; those equally passionate about supporting local, saving the planet and produ

Keto, Paleo, Vegan…there are so many diets out there. The world of healthy eating can seem like a daunting place! If you’re someone who’s tried their fair share of diets with limited success, or you struggle to eat well and don’t know where to start, you’re not alone. With 1 in 4 Aussies set to try a diet in 2022, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to speak to our stockist – Kelsey Tobin at Nutrient Nation – to discover why she recommends Farm Door meals to her clients, along with a simple approach to eating.


Kelsey made the big move from Newcastle to Riverina in 2021 – following her partner who was working regionally in Agriculture. Settling in the town of Leeton, she soon realised that quick, healthy takeaway meals were hard to come by in the area; everything on offer was deep-fried and lacked nutritional balance. She set out to grow the Leeton location of Nutrient Nation, educate the community on the importance of healthy eating, and improve performance for everyone, whether “an elite athlete or an elderly lady”.

Today, Nutrient Nation leads 1-on-1 nutritional coaching (in-person and online), hosts talks on women’s health and sports performance, and coaches sports teams including Australian Rugby 7’s. Not forgetting the Farm Door meals they sell in their Leeton office, where Kelsey excitedly shared they’re “selling like hotcakes.” She even fills her freezer at home, to have a healthy meal ready in minutes after a busy day at work.

Ending The Fad Diet

When asked what the biggest hurdles are for Kelsey’s clients to eat well, we were interested to learn that social media plays a big part. Kelsey explained, “everyone thinks they’re an expert” when it comes to what they should put in their bodies. Adding that there’s a gap in education and so much confusion and mixed messaging online as to what is good for you.

While some diets may give you initial results (due to the body being deprived of one food group) they just aren’t sustainable. Kelsey’s seen it all during her years as a dietitian. But one thing’s clear – it’s about keeping your approach simple and sustainable over time. And that’ll help you avoid reaching for chocolate after four days of reduced food groups and energy intake. That’s why we make the Farm Door healthy meal range filling; to leave you feeling satisfied for longer.

Healthy Frozen Meals

The Secret Recipe

Kelsey shared she was drawn to Farm Door as “the meals encompass all three key components to a balanced meal: carbohydrates, protein and vegetables.” Continuing “Farm Door nails the portion sizes”. Though carbs had a bad reputation in years gone by, they’re the primary energy source, so you’ll find them in each of our dishes. This appeals to Kelsey when working with such a diverse range of clients. If it's a local looking to “spend more time on the bowling green” or a triathlete receiving sports consultations to function at optimum performance, there’s a meal she can confidently recommend to them. Farm Door uses the highest quality, farm-fresh ingredients every time. No nasties. All nutritionally balanced.

At Farm Door, we try to make healthy eating as quick and simple as possible. We’re excited to have stockists like Nutrient Nation on board to help spread the word. So, if you’re inspired to get a tailored nutrition plan, speak to Kelsey today. And pick up a Farm Door dinner whilst you’re there!