Our Story

Hi, we're Frank and Zoe

Passionate about food, preventative health and wellness, we believe how we eat can change the world and how the power of food can inspire the wellbeing of people and the planet. Our purpose is to inspire people to feel good in the world. Because we believe when we feel good, we do good. With stress and anxiety levels remaining high and caregiving responsibilities, burnout and loneliness on the rise, our mission is to reimagine wellness and ensure good food and wellness is accessible. As part of bringing this mission to life, this year we’re entering a new phase for our business, with the relaunch of our brand and name change from My Chef healthy meals to Farm Door Riverina.

Foodies ourselves, we understand the power of food. Not only to nourish our bodies and minds, but also our hearts, souls, and the world around us. Our family is passionate about positively contributing to a world where the wellbeing of humans, the environment and society coexist and thrive, together.

Today, Farm Door has proudly grown beyond a team of 3 in a small shop front in Wagga Wagga to a team of over 30 great humans who everyday create healthy meals full of locally sourced ingredients and deliver meals nationwide to busy Aussie families and retiree across the country.

We're living our dream of bringing an ethical and sustainable approach to eating and living. Combining Franks passion for good food (ideally cooked over fire!) and Zoe's 18 years experience in life and financial coaching, our next step is to regenerate our family farm and expand our offering to include food and wellness experiences designed to inspire, right here in the heart of the Riverina Food Bowl.

Farm Door products and experiences:

  • will always involve nutrient dense locally sourced food
  • gift people time, easing caregiving loads
  • promote wellness through sharing health and wellbeing tips, tools, workshops and retreats
  • will always source ethically, making sustainable choices accessible for the consumer and improving planetary wellbeing

We can't wait for you to check out the menu and try our meals to experience your family's delight and ease of having a few handy meals in the freezer!

Our Values

"Our purpose is to inspire people to feel good in the world.

Because we believe when we feel good, we do good."

At Farm Door Riverina, we are reimagining wellness. Whether that’s working with our chefs and local producers to create delicious meals that relieve the stress of cooking for the week, creating on farm food and wellness experiences, or spending the weekend planting trees as a family. We believe when you eat well, you feel good, and when you feel good you do good. So how you eat changes the world!

care :: for our team, community and planet

As a family business, our people, partners and customers mean the world to us. We love collaborating with honest, like minded people and businesses who are as committed to the wellbeing of people and our planet as we are. And we love receiving amazing feedback from customers about how they can taste the love and care in our food. It’s really important to us to support the Riverina community. Whether that's donating a pallet of meals to Carevan to feed hungry people in our area, actively seeking out values aligned suppliers, helping with fundraising for a local school veggie plot or regenerating the land we live on.

connection :: with our local supply chain and the land

The Farm Door kitchen and meal packing facility is based 10 minutes north of Wagga Wagga, NSW. Set in the Riverina Food Bowl, within a short drive we can pick up barrels of local olive oil, locally farmed beef and lamb, buckets of freshly picked strawberries, local cheese and seasonal vegetables and fresh bunches of herbs from our own family farm. 

Cooking with local farm fresh ingredients is great for your health and the planet. Many of our ingredients are cooked, chilled, packed and on customers doorsteps within days.

  • Local means we lock in the nutrients, great for your health.
  • Local means we operate with low food miles, great for the planet.
  • Local means we support smaller scale regenerative growers passionate about the health benefits of chemical free produce as well as improving soil health and carbon capture for future generations.
Want to join the family?