Sharing household roles, the secret that saved our marriage!

Frank Coorey Zoe Lamont

I love reflecting each International Women's Day on not only the broader stats, but also on how I'm managing my life as a woman, wife, mother, business owner, carer... the list goes on.

This year I'm in a good place. Twelve months ago, we were on the cusp of divorce. What changed things? Simply, a conversation.

I've shared this story with so many friends, who have gone on to set this up in their own household. It works. This exercise saved our marriage. I think we can all agree it's not possible or sustainable to expect women to join the workforce, many running businesses and in full time positions, as well as continuing to run the household, a full time job in itself. If all adults in a household contribute financially, then household roles need to be split too. And from our family experience, everyone benefits. 

Enter: The Household Equalizer

After my breakdown during our annual planning session in the Summer of 22/23, to Franks credit we worked through this detailed list of family responsibilities and decided to more fairly share the load. From Jan 2023, Frank took over two daily jobs which have changed my life; food and washing. Of course we run a food business so we eat Farm Door meals every weeknight which makes meal planning, prep and groceries easier. I know I'm bias but if you're like me and you want to feed your family wholesome healthy meals but at least 3 nights a week get home too late to cook, highly recommend stocking up your freezer with our new Farm Door family menu, all you need to add each night are greens. It's so easy. But food aside, I think it was passing over the washing that made me fall back in love! 

Whatever it is for you, if you're feeling like you need a conversation starter and a tool to work through splitting your household roles, please reference Frank and my story as an example and use the free downloads below to create your own household role sharing system that works for you and your family dynamic.

Look forward to hearing how you go. Happy International Women's Day. Here's to real change, household by household. 

Download the free Household Equalizer tool 

PDF: The Household Equalizer

Excel: The Household Equalizer