Simply sustainable - meals made for the family, packaging made for the planet.

Simply sustainable - meals made for the family, packaging made for the planet.

We get asked all the time whether our meal trays are recyclable. So, we thought it was about time to give you an inside peek at the innovative work we’ve been part of to help be a little kinder to our natural world. With the fight against single-use plastics well and truly on, we knew there was no way we’d be packaging our meals in anything less than recyclable. Once we got started, we found more and more ways to collaborate with like-minded businesses in the field (and compost bin).

One of our company values is sustainability. That’s why we source as many ingredients as possible from within a 20km radius of our Riverina farm — it reduces food miles, and in turn, our carbon footprint. It’s the reason we're moving into regenerative farming and, why we’re committed to using industry-leading eco-packaging.

Healthy Frozen Meals

Funky Fresh

When we decided to go eco, we weren’t the only ones looking for more sustainable options. We partnered with a fellow meal company to invest in bringing HALOPACK cardboard trays to Australia - and our fresh meal range. The trays are designed in Europe and made right here in Australia. The recycling process couldn’t be easier; “The peelable thin inner layer can be split easily from the cardboard, leaving a renewable cardboard that suits recycling requirements.”

Here are a few more facts about the fresh meal trays:

♻️ 92% less plastic than standard plastic meal trays

♻️ 100% sustainable cardboard (made from recycled and FSC certified board)

♻️ Free from additives like PE coating & adhesives

renewable cardboard that suits recycling requirements

Ice Ice Baby – Let's Talk Frozen Meals

Whilst the fresh meals are recyclable, we’ve taken a more ‘veg patch friendly’ approach to our frozen main, petit and kids meal trays. Simply separate the PET polyester lining after use for recycling, then rip up the tray and throw it in your garden or compost or FOGO bin.

You might think that eco-conscious products lose effectiveness in other areas but this isn't the case. The pulp trays can be frozen to -40°C, are microwavable AND can be heated in a convection oven to 220°C. Despite their wheatgrass foundations, they’re suitable for coeliacs too!

One Tray At A Time

Next time you tuck into a Farm Door meal, make sure you do the right thing and recycle or compost the packaging. Those little steps lead the way to fight the war on waste and put love back into our Earth; one piece of sustainable packaging at a time.