Farm Door Fundraising Kit

Fundraising made easy, and healthy 

The wellbeing of our kids means the world to us at Farm Door. And we want to make it easy for schools, sporting teams and community groups to bring healthy activities, nutrition and education around sustainability to kids in a way that’s fun and exciting. 

Your Farm Door Healthy Meal Drive is a game-changing fundraising program that will appeal to everyone - kids, busy parents and retirees. Our difference? Instead of the traditional unhealthy fundraising boxes of chocolates and donuts, we provide households in your community with healthy meals. 

How it works 

Is your school, sporting club or community group looking to raise funds for an education, wellness, health or sustainability project? Examples may include setting up a vege patch, buying sport equipment, subscribing to an education program, purchasing solar panels or funding infrastructure for a recycling or food waste program. Simply pitch your idea to us! 

We’ll help you raise funds for your project by helping you sell something that families actually need - healthy meals for healthy bodies and minds.

  1. Simply share 1-3 sentences about your fundraising project with us here
  2. We’ll set you up with a fundraising code to raise money for your project. Every meal ordered on Farm Door with this code will contribute to your fundraising, with 20% from each sale going to you. The more meals you sell in your drive, the more $$ for your project! A few dinners is an easy sell for busy parents. Your school or sporting community will love and generously get behind this fundraising idea.
  3. You’ll also receive fun ways to share all the details your community needs to order their meals, including hard and soft copy posters with simple QR codes and links for people to purchase meals and share with their networks, as well as healthy mind and body assets for kids, parents and teachers such as kids mindfulness worksheets and coloring comps.

We’re excited to help you reach your fundraising goals, and can’t wait to hear what projects you have in mind! Register your interest today. 



How do I apply?

Register your interest here by simply sharing 1-3 sentences about your wellbeing initiative and the best way for us to be in touch with you. 

Why is My Chef offering to fund community initiatives?

Great question! Apart from being a family run business who care about our local community, when we launched our home delivery service, we had a choice. Advertise on social media (and give Mark Zuckerburg 10% of our profits), or promote our business locally (and give our marketing budget back to the community!). As a family running a regionally based business with young children, it just seems obvious to us that investing back into the wellbeing of our community is the best thing to do.

Who’s it for?

If you’re a leader within a school, sporting club or community organisation with an interest in improving physical and mental health, mindfulness or environmental sustainability in your local community, this is for you!

How much time do I need to invest?

Good news, we’re making fundraising easy with minimal time required (as someone with a not-for-profit background I totally get how important this is). No detailed applications, door knocking, begging, pleading, planning or reporting required! 




Share your local wellbeing initiative with us in a couple of sentences via this link 

2 Mins


We’ll send you your fundraising kit and unique code

0 mins


Announce the initiative to your community. Your fundraising kit includes all the information you need and provides the info you need to share in various forms so you can send it out by email, text, as a social media post, through your internal system or as physical flyers - depending on how you like to communicate with your community.

30 mins


Send reminders. Reminders will boost engagement which will increase the amount of funds you can raise.

30 mins


Your community is given enough time to order their meals and have them delivered

0 mins


At the end of your fundraising period, we calculate the number of orders that used your unique code and transfer your funds to you.

The time it takes to send us your bank details!


How does the maths work?

Your code will automatically provide your community with a 5% discount on meals to incentivise them to use your code. Your unique code also allows us to generate a report at the end of your fundraising period so we can work out the amount of funds you raised which is calculated at 20% of your total orders. 

How much money can we raise?

How much money you raise is dependent on your fundraising goals and timeframe.

  • If you want to buy $1,000 of sports equipment in 3 months time, you might run your campaign over a short period, say a month and 50 households in your community might buy 2-3 nights of meals, meaning you will raise ~$1000.
  • If you want to raise $10,000 to spend at the end of the year, you can keep your campaign open all year round

We’re happy to discuss a plan that works for you and your fundraising goal.

Like to be a stockist?

Are you a pharmacy, gym, workplace, health care service or grocer interested in setting up a branded freezer in your space? Contact us for samples.

Or would you like to see a stockist near you? Contact us with a suggested stockist and we'll see what we can do!